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This was my last season as a professional figure skater i have done all i could hope for and dreamed off. I am finished! It feels good to end the career on my own terms not because of injury or anyone else but simple because i am satisfied. And i really feel that i am satisfied with my skating i got to do 5 Europeans and 4 worlds and i got to skate in the globe in Sweden i meet a lot of amazing people and my childhood idols. I practiced and competed with the best, i meet many wonderful fans who supported and cheered for me during the years. I can say i did my best and have no regrets and many happy memories =)

I realize this sounds like i am dying and that's far from the truth i will always be involved in this sport and i will always strive to improve my self. No i shift my focus from improving my skating  to becoming the best coach both on and off the ice that i can be. 

I will finish my  studying as an Stac elite coach in may and and work a lot more on the physical training side with some plans that i will soon publish more about but its a plan i have been dreaming a lot about =)

I will also work almost full time on the ice next season and continue with one of the most rewarding jobs i have ever known, teaching kids to skate.  

Life is great and i look forward to new challanges!!

<![CDATA[My skate from europeeans+ extra=)]]>Thu, 19 Feb 2015 09:11:16 GMThttp://www.justusstrid.com/blog/my-skate-from-europeeans-extraFor all of you who didnt see the skate. Also thank you all for the kind messages, words and gifts. There were some mistakes but who cares this is why i skate i felt everything in this performance,! (and still do) =)
I just had to include this=) who says a skater is skating alone? my coaches are simply the best, i think its even harder for them and to quote high school musical "we are all in this together". My brother was so nervous he almost didn't speak to me that day. Fortunately i didn't notice since Martin was/is the rock! (even though i know he felt it to =) If you saw my brothers interview with tv4 after my skate you saw how much he cares about his skaters. I really couldn't ask for better coaches and i am so happy i got to share this with them.  
<![CDATA[My greatest]]>Sun, 01 Feb 2015 09:38:45 GMThttp://www.justusstrid.com/blog/my-greatestPicture
It wasent perfect, i didnt win, but who cares!! It was perfect, that feeling is hard to describe, i didnt skate for points or a place i just skated because i enjoyed it. I was a bit nervous before but when the first axel hit i calmed down and felt, now i got it and then i could just let go and skate with the audience. i could have stayed out there forever but it is a moment that i will never forget. I want to thank everyone in the arena for the amazing support and everyone at home for all the supportive messages and comments. 

Thank you sweden for this amazing competition but now i want to go home and finish this season and really push out all i have left. Then i will turn the page and focus more on everything else i want to do in life. like coaching for the summer in Slite Gotland with many happy and hard working kids. 
( there are still a few spots if yo are interested its at www.skateisland.se.

One last time for all who asks "how does it feel?" IT FEELS PERFECT!!! =)

<![CDATA[Its finally here!!! Europeans =)]]>Sat, 24 Jan 2015 16:08:51 GMThttp://www.justusstrid.com/blog/its-finally-here-europeans
All home practices is done and i can say i have never been more prepared in my life. Practice has been great and everything feels amazing. I AM READY!!!

I have changed the short program and brought back one of my favorite costumes. And the free will of course be sung in Swedish so feel free to sing a long to Peter Jöback, if you dare=)   

The feeling is great to compete in Sweden and hearing from all supportive people and i hope it will be a great experience for everyone. 

I just wonted to let you know im alive and will bring my best to the ice. And keep you posted from the ice. Hope to see you all in GLOBEN!!!! 

<![CDATA[A lesson learnd]]>Sun, 23 Nov 2014 11:37:20 GMThttp://www.justusstrid.com/blog/a-lesson-learndLast weekend i was at a competition in Graz and i did ok, but i am very pleased with my self. My short program was a disaster if you look at, it with fall in all jumps. But i realized sitting in the kiss and kry corner after my skate that i wasent upset. I finally not only told my self that i did my best i really felt it. I had really done all i could and i asked my self 2 simple questions, did i try my hardest today? have i prepared my best? and both answers were definitely yes! i did my best for everything in the program. 

Sometimes in this sport its so easy to look at what the skater does in a program on a competition and measure how good that skater is. But that really can be misleading and heart breaking to do to your self. I train for so many hours compared to the few minutes at the competition or seconds if you only count your mistakes. 

I am in great shape, practice is great and i am proud of my work and i hope all skaters who work hard for this can be proud and happy with there progress! It doesn't matter what competitions say, if you done your best you are worth the world. 

You may think this sounds like i have given up, since i say its ok to skate bad =) That is far from the truth, i will always try my hardest and do all i can to be my best!!  

The free was of course good, not because i tried harder or was better but because for some reason my free just works better, and that's life.

I uploaded the free skate with the grate commentator from Graz who is really amazing. And an exhibition program i did in Örnsköldsvik. 

Thanks everyone and enjoy figureskating.]]>
<![CDATA[Start of the season]]>Fri, 14 Nov 2014 12:40:13 GMThttp://www.justusstrid.com/blog/start-of-the-seasonThe first part of this season haven't gone perfectly, we had to fix a lot on the programs. The components haven't been what i hoped for. Fortunately we got a lot of great opinions from judges and hopefully we are on the right path again.

The programs have been getting better and better with every competition. I am really enjoying this season.
I have done Finnlandia trophy, cup of nice and Själands cup in Denmark and this weekend i am in graz for ice challange and i know i have prepared for a great competition.

Here is the free skate from cup of nice. We did some changes for this competiton so hopefully it will be even better tomorow=)
And sorry for not blogging so much this season but lifs just been to busy =) 
<![CDATA[Summer part 2]]>Sat, 09 Aug 2014 21:05:08 GMThttp://www.justusstrid.com/blog/summer-part-2
After Gotland i had 1 week at home to get ready for the second part of my summer. Then i went to Oberstdorf for more training. This year i decided to do something different, for some time i have wanted to work with Karel Fajfr and this year i decided to go for it and it was great! He may look like a hard man and i most admit i was a little bit scared the first day. He is tough and takes no crap if you don't do you best he will tell you, but as long as you work hard and tries to improve he is great. 

We didint do much steps it was many jumps and the body really felt it. I was so tired and sore but the work really payed of and i feel in great shape. We worked a lot on my axel that has always been a problem. I overrotat it alot and i feel like he had some good tricks but the road to getting it was lined with many falls and a very blue hip =) but that's what i love, hard work and no excuses. I am really happy i got to work with him this year i really learned a lot.

I again worked with the great choreographer Adam Solya (on the right) with my free skate, unfortunately we didn't get so much time but i always value his time and help.

The group was really fun with my best teammate Anita, Valter Virtanen from Finland who unfortunately got injured plus 2x Brezina =) and lots of other great skaters.

Now im finally home and ready to start my home training. Lets bring on the new season!
<![CDATA[Summer part 1: Gotland]]>Mon, 28 Jul 2014 07:49:15 GMThttp://www.justusstrid.com/blog/summer-part-1-gotland1
Summer is time for training and my summer started as usual on Gotland in sweden for 4 weeks. We finnished my new programs and prepared for next season. Everything went great my new skates was broken in fast and my new programs will be super. The short is "Kung Fu Panda" and it will be on the funny side. The free we wanted to make something for the Swedish audience at Europeans and we decided on a swedish musical, sang in swedish "Kristina från Duvemåla" and it will be a dramatic program with many emotions and big great music. First i was not sure about lyrics but now i dont know why we didnt always have it =) 

The last week i worked on the camp as a coach. I do a lot of coaching at home also but this was much more intense with eleven 45minute sessions everyday. It sounded hard but it was really fun because the skaters were really focused and happy. I hope i can do it again because i really liked it and its a nice break from normal training. 

Now im in Oberstdorf working with mr Fajfr but more on that later in part 2.
<![CDATA[Boken är klar!!!!]]>Thu, 26 Jun 2014 18:40:20 GMThttp://www.justusstrid.com/blog/boken-ar-klar
Äntligen färdig!! Det har tagit ett år att skriva men nu är jag klar. Känns väldigt nervöst så här i början men jag hoppas folk skall uppskatta den. Jag har skrivit om allt jag har lärt mig genom åren och allt som jag hoppas skall hjälpa konståkare att må och träna bättre. 

Kost, mentalträning, uppvärmning, skadeförebyggande, små tips och mycket annat.

Du kan köpa boken på www.k-skate.se.
Thank you Johanna Welnici for the front picture.
<![CDATA[The beginning :)]]>Tue, 17 Jun 2014 18:08:47 GMThttp://www.justusstrid.com/blog/the-beginning
My first blog post in water :) first week of summer camp is almost over, my legs are dead. Training is starting good, jumps are getting there and the new programs will be my best! This picture is from where I'm standing, waist deep in the sea. End of the day relax :) why did I think of quiting, figure skating is fun! Loving the cold but let's get up and in a shower fast :)